Welcome to our Import Department!  

Our Import Manger is Linda Stripling, has been working in the
clearance process for over 20 years.  For a price quote, please fill out
Online Rate Information Sheet and we will be happy to help you
with all of your U.S. Customs Clearance needs.  

There are two basic types of entries into the U.S.

If your merchandise is for your personal use, such as personal effects,
a vehicle manufactured in the United States or is over 25 years old, or
for a Government transfer, you will file an Informal entry.  This entry
will required the forms located under "Import Files" in our
Forms link.  
Please download these to fill out so that your entry process will be as
quick and easy as possible.

If you are not qualified in the above paragraph, you may need to file a
Formal Entry to customs.  This entry process requires such forms as a
Packing List, a Commercial Invoice, Certificate of Origin, Fumigation
Certificate (if applicable), a Bill of Lading, and an Arrival Notice.  
Contact Us in the Import Department to work out the specific
requirements for your import.

Of course each individual shipment is different, so we encourage you
to make arrangements for Customs Clearance before the merchandise
leaves for the U.S.  U.S. Customs is very strict and we want to be sure
you are aware of the rules and regulations associated with the
importation. This will help avoid excess charges and avoid any delays
in obtaining your merchandise.  Give us a call today!!
Import Trade Services, Inc.